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Beautiful Russian girls!
You have every reason to disbelieve they are real, but first check our secrets

Alina, 28Alina, 28
Find her in our listings!
Why meet Russian girls HERE?

Free Contacts Exchange

Other services cut email addresses from your messages to make you pay again and again. At CuteOnly, feel free to exchange any contacts!

No Mediators

Other services use matchmaking agencies that create fake profiles or fake letters to earn their commission. At CuteOnly, contact the girls directly!

No Plain Girls

Other services accept all girls to build their database faster. CuteOnly accepts only three out of five pretty russian girls!

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See if girls write you.

Yana, 33Yana, 33

Are these girls REAL?

You have every reason for doubt.

Check our secrets, than decide on your own. Fair?

How do girls get here?

They register on cuteonly.ru


How do they get to cuteonly.ru?

Mostly from:

  • Russian search engine Yandex
  • and our content project


(sure both are in Russian)

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